Online sessions

Sessions no matter where you are

Thanks to the internet, your sessions can nowadays easily take place online. In this case, both you as the client and me as the therapist have flexibility when choosing a date and time. There is no need for you to travel to see me.

Skype or FaceTime easily enable establishing a relaxed as well as concentrated session. The notion of a “direct” contact immediately sets in, no matter if in a conversation or hypnosis context. From experience, concentrating on a screen even seems to support initiating the hypnosis.

The length and frequency of online sessions is the same as that of “direct” sessions. Depending on how it suits you, we can also switch between online and direct sessions.

  • Online – introductory session (free of charge): 15 minutes
  • Online – consultation: 30 minutes
  • Online – session (including hypnosis): 75 minutes

Hypnosis via Skype, how does it work? (Excerpt from an interview with online trainer Simone Weissenbach)

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Heal yourself through trance

To make self-hypnosis at home easier, simply download these files to your computer or mobile, find a place you are comfortable in and close your eyes …

When using “How to sleep better with hypnosis", get comfortable in your bed. Every self-hypnosis session takes between 30 and 45 minutes, apart from “Power relaxation” which is slightly shorter.

Please note that the products sold here are not a substitute for medical or psychological therapy. Take your time when listening to them and fully concentrate on them, without any distractions, e.g., working, driving, etc.

Videos on YouTube

Hypnosis and meditation videos

You will find a selection of short videos on hypnosis and meditation below. For more content, please see my YouTube Channel.