HypnoMed Individual Sessions

Using trance to heal yourself and lead a self-determined life

A sense of wellbeing or suffering, but also our health and illnesses as well as numerous symptoms are routed in our subconscious, or at least amplified in it. Hence, nothing could be more logical than using the power of trance, aided by hypnosis and meditation, for healing processes.

The subconscious mind forms the by far biggest part of our consciousness. However, just like an iceberg, it remains invisible below the surface and we cannot directly access it. The approaches of conventional medicine, psychosomatic medicine, psychotherapy and spiritual medicine can only be of limited success because they either do not consider this aspect at all or only insufficiently.

Here is where the strength of such different methods as hypnosis, de-hypnosis and meditation lies: Powered by trance, these techniques open the way to the subconscious and can lead to healing and a deep sense of wellbeing.
(For more information on the different methods, please see the FAQs section).

Weight loss

No more yo-yo dieting

Diets are not suitable if you want to lose weight and maintain that weight loss. A more profound method is needed that takes the subconscious into account to get back to your natural physical awareness and sensation of satiety.

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Challenges exist ...

Frustration and stress as well as distractions caused by mobile phones, tablets or the TV prevent us from eating mindfully, let along enjoying our meals. This is a widespread problem with severe consequences: We forget to listen to our bodies and do not notice anymore when we are actually full.

... to be solved:

Medical hypnosis "reminds“ your unconscious mind of the natural physical awareness and sensation of satiety that we all once had. To re-learn this and to gain a deep understanding of the causes for your weight problems will lead you to a new understanding of your body. What you have learned will be embedded in your subconscious mind through medical hypnosis and self-hypnosis for you to do at home. Behavioural therapy techniques and measures that raise awareness support you during this period of change

The amount of food that is perfect for you will also make you enjoy your food as best as possible.

The "Market of diets" - Most of the known diets have two things in common: a great name and a recipe for success, which is ultimately based on a reduction of food and thus on a perceived renunciation. This sense of abandonment is the reason for the eventual failure of diets and the resulting yo-yo effect.

A small list:
3D Diet, 10-in-2 Diet, Maple Syrup Diet, Allergy Diet, Anabolic Diet, Pineapple Diet / Enzyme Diet, Apple Cider Vinegar Diet, Atkins Diet, Ayurvedic Diet, BCM, Blood Type Diet, Brigitte Diet, Buchinger Fasting, CM3 Diet, Crash Diets, David Kirsch Diet, DinnerCancel, dr. Haas Diet, Egg Cure, F.X. Mayr, FDH diet, Fit for Life diet, Five a day diet, Genetic balance, Glyx diet, Haysche food combining, Fasting, Herbalife, Hollywood diet, Ideal diet, Japan Diet / Sushi Diet, Potato Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, Crete Diet, Kushi Diet, LOGI Method, Low Fat Diet, Low Carb Diet, Magic Soup Diet, Markert Diet, Max Planck Diet, Mayo Diet, Metabolic Balance, Mixed Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Moon Diet, Zodiac Diet, Montignac Method, Negative Calorie Diet, Zero Diet, Paleo Diet, Pound Diet, Psycho Diet, Powder Diet, Rice Diet, Juice Fast, Acid-Base Diet, Scarsdale Diet, Slim In Sleep, Schroth Cure, Zone Diet, South Beach Diet, Metabolism Diet, Strunz Diet, Soup Diet, Diet Food Diet, Whole Diet Diet, Weight Watcher Diet, Miracle Soup Diet, Lemon Juice Spa, Sugar Cracker Diet.

Handling stress

Of test anxiety and mentally tough athletes

Top athletes know that the all decisive one hundredth of a second is not a matter of having the better technique but of being stronger mentally. Your personal "key to happiness” is rooted in being able to accept and master life’s challenges in an active way. This could be anything from test anxiety, emotional insecurity and family issues to profound private and professional upheavals.

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Challenges exist ...

  • You are challenged because the circumstances of your life have changed?

  • You want to master everyday life with more ease and self-confidence?

  • You want to relieve your soul of unnecessary burdens?

  • You are immensely stressed and fear burnout?

  • You realise that your internet use is problematic (impending or actual addiction to your mobile phone and the internet)?

If you can relate to one the above points, you are in the right place. There are phases in the life of everyone when support is needed. I can help you with finding out what is best for you.

... to be solved: 

  • Using medical hypnosis enables you to change deeply rooted behaviours for the better and for the long term.

  • You will learn relaxation methods in connection with special breathing techniques to be able to keep your inner balance, even in stressful or unfamiliar situations.

  • You will learn special self-hypnosis techniques that help you to tap into your inner energy sources.

  • You will learn how to handle difficult situations in a positive way, no matter if it is concerning “big events” or everyday stuff.

  • You will get insights into the nervous system and understand why it is so susceptible to digital addictions.

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Short excerpt from a lecture at the "Personal Swiss 2018" in Zurich on the pitfalls of cell phone addiction and a "mental overload". (The sound quality is understandable, but, unfortunately, modest)

Preparing for surgery with hypnosis

How to stay calm when facing surgery

Based on my experience working as an anaesthetist, I know every small detail of surgical procedures and the involved anaesthesia. This expert knowledge becomes part of the hypnosis so that we can best prepare your subconscious for your scheduled surgery.

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Challenges exist ...

In the course of the past 25 years, modern anaesthesiology has evolved into a highly specialised and very safe discipline. Still, many people fear undergoing general anaesthesia when faced with surgery and are often more scared of it than of the actual surgery. The idea of being helplessly at the mercy of a machine during anaesthesia causes many people to get very scared and stressed. Both is not only unpleasant but also makes the healing process more difficult.

... to be solved:  

Integrating your subconscious mind helps putting the whole process – from admission to hospital through surgery and up to discharge – in a relaxed context. Your own healing powers, which would otherwise be blocked by feeling stressed, will be activated fully. Often, even the surgeons notice that wounds only bleed little. The healing process is optimised which means that you have to spend less time in hospital.

Best possible effect:

  • You are relaxed before and after surgery

  • Self-healing powers are being activated

  • Reduced bleeding and faster wound healing

  • Less need for painkillers

From my experience as a specialist in anesthesia, I know about the course of an operation and anesthesia down to the smallest detail. This knowledge flows into the hypnosis, so that we can prepare your subconscious optimally.

HypnoMed Dr. Nidal Moughrabi Preparing for surgery with hypnosis

Quit smoking

Why is it so difficult to quit smoking?

Smoking is addictive and at some point, there is a reason for starting to smoke. Through the years, patterns of behaviour become then “burned” into the brain, i.e., a cigarette in the morning, after lunch, during a short work break and more turn into daily companions.

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Challenges exist ...

Smoking has become a habit that needs to be broken. On the one hand, this is made difficult because you are not aware of the learned patterns, such as smoking when stressed, and on the other, nicotine withdrawal symptoms when trying to break the habit cause problems.

... to be solved:  

In combination, medical hypnosis, behavioural therapy measures and, rarely, also nicotine replacement therapy offer maximum support when quitting smoking.

Did you know that a smoking cessation therapy is already described as a "successful therapy" with a success rate of 25%? Smoking cessation is a very complex matter, which is due to the fact that both physical and psychological factors are mixed in a variety of forms. That's why some smokers are so persistent with their relapses.
Or did you know the success rate with the number of previous attempts to stop, increases in parallel? So if you've tried it many times, do not frustrate it, stay tuned! Your chances of a successful and permanent exit from smoking increase.

Pain relief therapy

No More Pain

Acute pains exist for a reason. However, they can take on a life of their own and become chronic.

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Challenges exist ...

In Germany only, about 3.3 million people suffer from chronic pain, e.g., back pain, tension headache, migraines, joint pain, tumour pains, or neuralgia.

... to be solved:  

Simply relaxing, as long as it is deep relaxation, as triggered by any hypnosis and self-hypnosis, can help relieve pain. Following that, how you felt the pain and dealt with it will be positively influenced with lasting effect through directly accessing the unconscious part of your personality. The inner images of your pain are re-framed in a new and positive way. You learn how to control your pain.

HypnoMed Dr. Nidal Moughrabi Pain relief therapy