Healthy and Successful - With the power of the subconcious

Periods of work overload, constant stress and crises can potentially harm your health, even if they do not (yet) come with classic stress symptoms. Make use of the scientific insights that conventional and alternative medicine have and work with meditation and self-hypnosis because only healthy executives and employees can permanently perform on a high level.

The specialised courses focus on three things:

Tailor-made: They are specifically designed for your company's individual needs. 
Lasting effect: They achieve a lasting and sustained effect.
Medical expertise: They provide my/our full medical expertise as explained in the portfolio for my individual sessions.

One weekend course only is enough to bring about profound experiences and changes. For lasting and sustained success, however, I would advise you to permanently implement meditation and wellbeing in your company.

For examples of corporate projects, please see below.

Individual skills for executives and managers

"Integrative hypnosis- and meditation-coaching"

  • One-to-one training (executives)
  • Seminars in small, exclusive groups (executives and managers)

The "Integrative hypnosis- and meditation-coaching" is intended for those who care about their own health and wellbeing as much as about that of their staff – because they know that it is the basis for business success.

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This seminar introduces you to self-hypnosis, meditation and trance. You will learn how to deploy them to make better use of your resources, thereby optimising your ability to cope with known as well as new challenges. Understanding how the nervous systems works, what a burnout is and how it can be prevented will also give you a better sense for the pressures you are yourself exposed to and make you more alert when members of your staff are close to burnout.

Seminar agenda includes:
Self-hypnosis, meditation, breathing exercises, visualisation, reframing, systemic self-reflection, self-awareness exercises, feedback, individual exercise programme to follow at home.

Evalution of this course:

As part of a project, this 3-day business coaching seminar, offered as part of the “personal skills for executives” portfolio, was evaluated. During the course of the seminar the grades for “quality of life/capacity to perform” rose from 2.3 to 1.8. (Grades range from 1 to 5, with 1 being the best).

Further surveys performed at a later time produced the same results (with minor variations in both directions).

Evaluation - Details:

Seminare: 2012 and 2013
Organiser: Raiffeisen Academy and HypnoMed
Length: each time 3 days
Participants: altogether 24 executives from across Austria
Method: The participants were twice given an identical, anonymous questionnaire covering “quality of life – capacity to perform” with 18 questions relating to 6 different areas. The questionnaire was first completed before the start of the seminar and then again 2 weeks after the seminar had ended. To answer the questions, the Austrian school grading system was used, with 1 being the highest grade and 5 the lowest.
Results: The overall average grade improved from 2.3 to 1.8 (results were determined on the basis of considering all 6 areas). The biggest, individual improvement was one person jumping from 2.4 to 1.0!

Congratulations to all participants!

In-house meditation seminars

"Meditation to prevent burnout"

The positive effect of meditation on body, mind and health has been scientifically proven many times. It is a particularly effective method to prevent burnout, as it provides people with a basis to better cope with the special challenges of our accelerated, digital age. Improve your staff’s ability to perform and at the same time, you will also reduce sick days and the number of people handing in their notice.

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Challenges exist ...

Burnout is the result of an imbalance of personal stress and the capacity to cope with it. People who are affected experience increasing physical and emotional exhaustion. Difficulty sleeping, headaches and other physical dysfunctions can be further symptoms.

... to be solved: 

This seminar introduces participants to meditation in an easy and playful way. Most meditation techniques are very easy to learn and everyone is able to meditate.

The seminar aims at enabling participants to integrate the experiences of silence and the moments of concentrating on oneself into everyday professional and private life. This will considerably improve your ability to cope with stress and pressure and introduce inner calm and contentment to your life.

HypnoMed Dr. Nidal Moughrabi In-house meditation seminars
HypnoMed Dr. Nidal Moughrabi In-house meditation seminars

Digital Cleansing for eSports players

eSports players need specific coaching

  • Individual coaching
  • Seminars

eSports are a form of digital competition involving video games that has become hugely popular in recent years. Global revenues in this industry are already close to hitting the one-billion-dollar mark.

As eSports are a relatively new phenomenon, know-how of how to deal with it is fairly limited. Remedies are very much reduced to advice such as “the boys need to move about from time to time to counter their backaches” or “go to the cinema for a change”. However, neither conventional sports coaching nor mental coaching can be of help here.

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Challenges exist ...

It is not uncommon that, due to intensive training and insufficient regeneration, the performance of the mostly very young competitors deteriorates significantly, they suffer from lack of concentration and get very tired. Direct consequences thereof are the use/abuse of stimulants as well as insomnia, sleep deprivation and other sleep disorders. The sleep-wake cycle is out of sync.

... to be solved: 

To remedy this, timely specific support using special methods is needed.

In particular modern meditation techniques help to improve performance on the one hand and to treat symptoms on the other. Apart from that and based on individual requirements, selected hypnotherapy techniques and the BodyWareness approach can be used.

HypnoMed Dr. Nidal Moughrabi Digital Cleansing for eSports players
HypnoMed Dr. Nidal Moughrabi Digital Cleansing for eSports players

Hypnosis and communication training for medical practitioners

Communicating better with your patients

When dealing with patients that are in particularly stressful situations, appropriate ways of talking to them and knowing about the power of the subconscious are essential. Things that typically stress out people are illnesses, impending surgery and the fear of pain and dying but also everyday worries. Stress not only makes the entire communication and treatment more difficult, it also undermines the success of medical treatments.

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Challenges Exist ...

As the essential factors mentioned above are neither taught at university nor later on during ongoing medical training, I have designed these seminars to provide doctors with the communication skills they need for their medical practice.

... to be solved:  

Learn how to identify patients that tend to panic or are particularly anxious and how to best handle them. Communicate better and use the subtleties of language. If needed, you can easily work with some basic methods of hypnosis treatment. The stress you feel yourself will be reduced and make your work more enjoyable. And your patients will be grateful for it.

The seminars close a gap that currently exists in medical training. On request, they can be customised according to the particular requirements of your department/institute.

They are designed for doctors who treat patients, in particular general practitioners, anaesthesiologists, oncologists and medical professionals working in pain relief therapy.

These courses close the gap between the taster afternoons and the multi-year curricula of the large specialist societies and are also tailor-made for the special needs of your department.

The target group are all physicians with direct patient contact, especially in the fields of general medicine, anesthesiology, oncology and pain therapy.